The never-ending story

Another blustery March, another anniversary. March 20 marks the beginning of spring and the beginning of an obsession for so many people over the last now-104 years.

An alcoholic dentist. A furious prosecutor. Too many self-described clairvoyants and havers of prophetic dreams to count. Boy scouts and school children and factory workers. Ghost hunters. Book writers. Writers of songs. A former nurse, a former hairdresser, and a bunch of former newspaper reporters like me. We've all looked in the attics and rooted through the memories and breathed in the dusty files. We've all failed.

But somehow despite—or perhaps because of?—the lack of an answer, new people pick up the search as others put it down. Come to Catherine's anniversary program at the New Castle Public Library 6 p.m. tomorrow, Monday, March 20, and you'll see the latest searchers step forward with their version of the old story. I'll be there too, and I'm excited to talk to Kandice Coatie and her fellow New Castle film makers, nearing their ending of this story that never ends. 

Where is Catherine Winters? We still don't know. But we still haven't stopped wondering. 

Posted on March 19, 2017 .